About Us

LOUMATH was founded in 2008 as Marketing & Consulting company, focusing on import and export of textile products, from raw materials to ready made garments.

We are a family owned company, basing our business on the wide expertise of our founders and cooperating consultants. Our company started in 2008 with a capital of Eur 5.000,00 quickly increasing it in 2010 to Eur 175.000,00 in order to face all the necessary financial demands of our growing business.

In 2014 we widened our business range to include wine and food trading, responding to several market demands.

More recently, in 2015, we started our own production with yarn preparation machinery for dyeing and finishing. It is in this area where we have focused our sales strategy, particularly in exporting to several european industries.

Adding value to synthetic filaments, with high quality, innovation and service, are the main objectives of our yarn department, giving our customers the necessary product to satisfy their production needs.

Regarding our ‘stock’ trading area we continue to strive to find good and affordable sources for our customers, as well as guaranteeing to our suppliers a regular source for their excess product.

Business Areas

  • Consulting 10%
  • Trading 20%
  • Yarn Production & Marketing 70%


Our main objective is to consolidate our position as a reliable supplier of synthetic yarns, as a reference in the international markets, where we already cooperate with many textile industries.
The long experience in these markets allows us to recognise and acknowledge customer needs, adapting to each one’s industry, and being able to provide the necessary products to satisfy their manufacturing requirements.


Andreas Falley

Andreas Falley

Director, Business Manager

Multi-lingual executive (portuguese, german, french, english, spanish, italian) with vast experience in sales, marketing, retail and management. Proven expertise in national & multi-national industry and consumer products.

Specialties: Business management, cost & finance, sales management, marketing, retail, CRM, consulting, communication, leadership, business planning, sales strategy, negotiation, presentation, industrial management.